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3255 S 10th St   825 W. 4th 1325 Grace St 3031 N. Broad E 23rd Ave 14321 Woodstock 4901 G St 7202 N 16th St 1660 E 23rd Ave 1225 Co. Rd Y 220 N H St. 408 E. 1st 3010 E 23rd Ave  
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    Fisher Appliance1 Mike's Towing2 Transfer Station   CP Recovery1   Bennet Clean Community System   Mike's Towing2   Wal-Mart    
    1610 Yager Road 500 E. Thompson 1200 Hamilton   7534 F St.   Midland Recycling   A & A Auto Recyclers   Fremont    
    Fremont Fremont Fremont   Omaha   440 J St            
    727-6674 721-9449 721-2346   331-1630   Lincoln            
    Bernheisel Salvage1,2   All Metals Market       476-8502            
    1510 S. Main   Wal-Mart       City of Lincoln            
    Fremont   Fremont       Lincoln            
    727-1860   Bernheisel Salvage       441-7043            
    Butler County Landfill           Recycling Enterprises            
    David City           430 G St            
    367-4662           Lincoln            
    All Metals Market (April - August)           421-6655            
    A & A Auto Recyclers           City of Hickman          
1Disposal fee.
2Pickup available.
324-hour drop-off available.